31 August 2004

Someone's singing

in the company breakroom. It's really scary and really awful. I don't dare go in there to see who's responsible. I'd never be able to look the person in the eye without cringing. Please, if you value your co-workers respect, don't sing at work.

30 August 2004

Cancelled my Well Account

I cancelled my Well account today. I had placed the account on hold about four months ago because I was spending too much time with it. After four months I think I'm cured for good. No more Well for me.

Morning Workout

  • Total Time: 1:14:59

  • Running Time: 60:00

  • HRavg: 162

  • HRmax: 193

  • Recovery120: 36

  • Running Distance: 6.6 miles

  • Zone3: 13:32 / 13:51 / 47:36

  • Zone4: 27:23 / 47:36

  • Total Kcal: 687

  • Weight before: 126.5 lbs.

  • Weight after: 125 lbs.

Well, the Recovery time still isn't great but I increased my average speed so that's to be expected. The fact that the Reco time is no worse than last week at a lower speed is encouraging. My left calf is still a bit sensitive though. I'll have to make a special effort to include more dedicated calf stretches in my warmup. I also bought new shoes with a bit more cushioning. Those two changes should relieve the soreness in my left calf. If not, I'll have to back off for a while.

29 August 2004

CSPI's Nutrition Action

I just renewed my subscription to Nutrition Action. Over the past year I've tried very hard to improve my health. I wasn't sick, in fact I was in good health for 5' 3" and 150 lbs. In other words I was overweight and sedentary. Nutrition Action is one on of the key ingredients in my physical transformation. There are a lot of sources for nutrition information but almost none of them are credible. Most health & nutrition books are more useful as a source of dead weight than information.

Nutrition Action is different. It's the Consumer Reports of health. Every piece of information is based on solid clinical studies. The articles are very balanced and very honest. There is no advertising and there is no agenda beyond providing good nutrition information. Plus the recipe's are simple and very handy.

Guardsman Pass

I didn't even have my new truck for an hour before I decided to try the 4-wheel drive on Guardsman Pass. :-) What better way to drive to Park City than up Big Cottonwood Cayon and down a 8% grade gravel road?

Hosting bye-bye

Thanks to Gmail & Blogger I've decided to cancel my hosting account with Xlan. Google's free offerings are all I need right now. Xlan has been a great provider but over the last six months I haven't used my hosted sites at all. My email activitiy is minimal as well. In fact the only thing I was using the account for was to transfer files between work and home. My new iPod Mini effectively eliminated that need. No reason to pay $24.95 a month for something I don't use.

New Truck

I'm now the proud owner of a brand new Toyota Tacoma 4x4. Not only is this the first new car I've ever owned it's also the first truck and the first 4x4. Wow!

26 August 2004

MBE withdrawl

It's been two weeks since I've been able to listen to MBE. I've got serious withdrawl symptoms. I've started browsing iTunes in the hopes of stumbling on something good. I need my MBE!

No workout this morning

I needed to catch some extra sleep and catch up on some work. My left calf is still a little tight as well. I'll make up for it tomorrow by running a couple of miles before lifting.

25 August 2004

Yoga Day!

Today's and every Wednesday's workout is Yoga.

No Heart rate montior
No iPod
No Water bottle
No Distractions


Rock soup

The Mineralarianism thing from yesterday reminds me of an event from my early childhood. I must have been really young because I can't remember much clearly. It was at school but I'm not sure if it was at my school or if I was even in school at the time.

The goal of the day was to make and eat "stone soup". I remember a big rock, a big pot, and lots of likely soup ingredients. I don't remember any of the prep or any of the actual cooking. I do remember the eating though. The soup was served in a white plastic disposable cups. The soup was very good and very hot but there was a problem. There was no rock in my soup.

I didn't get a piece of the stone in my soup. The teacher kept telling me to look for the stone. It was supposed to be soft because it was cooked. Obviously a stone get's soft when exposed to chicken broth and carrots. I don't remember how old I was but I knew that stones don't get soft and they don't end up in white plastic cups of soup.

I remember the teacher being very disappointed that I didn't believe her. I wouldn't play her game. I cheated her out of some fun. Now I realize I cheated myself too.

24 August 2004

I Call Shenanigans!

"This is because every one of the several dozen nutrients the human body requires - carbohydrate, amino acids, fats, vitamins, and of course minerals - can be synthesized or extracted from air, water, and rock without the involvement of any life form,..."

We are long long way from a complete catalog and understanding of vital chemicals available only from eating other forms of life. Nor do we understand how most of these chemicals are absorbed by the body. Quite often, we isolate a chemical only to find that it's of no benefit by itself. Isoflavones are a great example of that. We're pretty sure they have a great benefit but we're not sure exactly why and the benefits disappear in pill form.

Let's not forget the need to synthesize really seriously complex structures. A protein is not just a string of amino acids in a specific order, it's also a specific three-dimensional structure. We don't even know the structure of many proteins. Cells can fold proteins because of millions of years of Evolution. We barely think we might understand the folding process.


I really need to post some photos

I really need to post some photos to this blog. I took a whole bunch of pictures of myself last night intending to post them all. But I just remembered that I haven't bothered to re-install the software that transfers data from my camera-phone to my PC.

I promise I'll get around to it before the weekend. Maybe.

Morning Workout

Took it easy on the warm-up this morning because of my sore left calf...

Warmup - Treadmill & Step

  • Time: 24:51:80

  • HRavg: 107

  • HRmax: 124

  • Recovery120: Didn't bother because of the low HRmax.

Weights - Free Weights Stability series

  • Time: 53:56:7

  • HRavg: 123

  • HRmax: 213

That second HRmax may be suspect. My Polar monitor tends to pick up bad measurements when I am lying down and lifting. The good news is I am maintaining my 126 lbs. weight from yesterday. That makes over 20 lbs. I have lost in just over one year. Now if only I could find clothes that fit. No one seems to make men's jeans in a size 28 inch waist.

German film breaks Hitler taboo

"It is not the first time that they have shown Adolf Hitler on the screen, but it is certainly the first time that they have tried to discover the human touch in that monster,"-Dr Rolf Giesen, from the Film Museum in Berlin
It is unfortunate though certainly understandable that German Cinema had yet to portray a humanistic Hitler. It's important for people to understand that Hitler was a human monster. Evil can come from the most mundane of people. There was nothing super-natural about Hitler and his followers. They were disturbingly average.

23 August 2004

Peter Watts - ßehemoth

I just received the newest book by Peter Watts, ßehemoth: ß-MAX . The book is the first of a two-part conclusion to the Rifters series that started with Starfish and Maelstrom. ß-MAX is amazing. Every bit as good as the first two.

ß-MAX has an interesting author's note that explains how Watts really wanted the book to be released as a single volume but it would have been "professional suicide." It seems the publishing market has decreed that:

"Henceforth, books by midlist authors will not receive wide distribution if they cost too much—that is, if they weigh in at more than about 110,000 words."

An author that has never written a wasted word is forced to chop his novel in two for the sake of marketing. Yet the meanderings of Robert Jordan and Neil Stephenson are practically given their own sections in bookstores.

I hate my car

My car's alternator died sometime between Friday evening and this morning. I'm pretty sure it was Friday evening - that's when the battery warning light appeared. By Saturday afternoon the ABS warning light was on. By this morning the headlights were really dim.

I should have driven it right to the mechanic. It would have been done Saturday. But no, I had to tough it out because I'm buying a new car soon. $267 for a new alternator in a car that I won't even own in a month.

Crappy Morning Run

  • Total Distance: 6.6 miles
  • Running Distance: 6 miles
  • Total Time: 1:15:00
  • Running Time: 60:00:00
  • HRavg: 158
  • HRmax: 189
  • Recovery120: 35 (That Sucks!)
  • Zone3 Times: 16:43 / 17:25 / 40:52
  • KCal: 656
  • Weight @ start: 129 lbs.
  • Weight @ end: 126.5 lbs.

That Recovery Time is awful. The worst I've had in months. It damn well better be a fluke.

22 August 2004

More Adventurous

Have you purchased a copy of Rilo Kiley's new album, More Adventurous? It's easily the best rock album this year. No shit. The best rock album of the year.

The Scream is gone

A pair of armed men have stolen Edvard Munch's iconic painting, The Scream.

The museum had essentially no security beyond guards. The painting was hung by thin wire that was not connected to an alarm. The security cameras were useless since the men wore ski masks. The whole thing is really ridiculous when you consider that is not the first time that an original version of this painting has been stolen.

20 August 2004

Gmail invites

I have four Gmail invites. If you want one, send a message to monsoondawn@gmail.com

Morning Workout

  • Distance: 2 miles

  • Total Time: 23:01

  • Warmup Time: 5:00

  • HRavg: 138

  • HRmax: 174

  • Recovery120: 53

16 August 2004

Gmail is a Web Developer's nightmare

I've had a Gmail account for only four days and I am in love. Labels and Stars, this is very good stuff. It's also a huge problem. For many years Web site developers and designers have been getting away with bad design and crappy programming because there are hardly any contrary examples.

Gmail is going to change all that. The interface is functional, simple, powerful, usable, and beautiful. It's a killer.

Morning Workout

Time: 1:14:07
Avg hr: 160
Max hr: 187
Recovery: 59 @ 120 seconds
Distance: 6.7 miles
Weight: 128 lbs.

The iPod wiggles on my arm.

15 August 2004

ipod Mini

I've finally done it. I bought an iPod Mini yesterday. A silver shiny tiny mini. For a long time I swore I'd never be stupid enough to pay $250 for a music player. Yesterday, I walked into the CompUSA by Fashion Place Mall yesterday noticed two mini's in the display case. When one of the red-shirted flunkies noticed me and asked if I was "finding everything okay", I just pointed. It was over that quickly. I even drove all the way downtown to the other CompUSA because the first one didn't have the armband that I wanted for the gym.

I was a broken man before I even entered the store.