24 August 2004

I Call Shenanigans!

"This is because every one of the several dozen nutrients the human body requires - carbohydrate, amino acids, fats, vitamins, and of course minerals - can be synthesized or extracted from air, water, and rock without the involvement of any life form,..."

We are long long way from a complete catalog and understanding of vital chemicals available only from eating other forms of life. Nor do we understand how most of these chemicals are absorbed by the body. Quite often, we isolate a chemical only to find that it's of no benefit by itself. Isoflavones are a great example of that. We're pretty sure they have a great benefit but we're not sure exactly why and the benefits disappear in pill form.

Let's not forget the need to synthesize really seriously complex structures. A protein is not just a string of amino acids in a specific order, it's also a specific three-dimensional structure. We don't even know the structure of many proteins. Cells can fold proteins because of millions of years of Evolution. We barely think we might understand the folding process.



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