24 August 2004

Morning Workout

Took it easy on the warm-up this morning because of my sore left calf...

Warmup - Treadmill & Step

  • Time: 24:51:80

  • HRavg: 107

  • HRmax: 124

  • Recovery120: Didn't bother because of the low HRmax.

Weights - Free Weights Stability series

  • Time: 53:56:7

  • HRavg: 123

  • HRmax: 213

That second HRmax may be suspect. My Polar monitor tends to pick up bad measurements when I am lying down and lifting. The good news is I am maintaining my 126 lbs. weight from yesterday. That makes over 20 lbs. I have lost in just over one year. Now if only I could find clothes that fit. No one seems to make men's jeans in a size 28 inch waist.


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