25 August 2004

Rock soup

The Mineralarianism thing from yesterday reminds me of an event from my early childhood. I must have been really young because I can't remember much clearly. It was at school but I'm not sure if it was at my school or if I was even in school at the time.

The goal of the day was to make and eat "stone soup". I remember a big rock, a big pot, and lots of likely soup ingredients. I don't remember any of the prep or any of the actual cooking. I do remember the eating though. The soup was served in a white plastic disposable cups. The soup was very good and very hot but there was a problem. There was no rock in my soup.

I didn't get a piece of the stone in my soup. The teacher kept telling me to look for the stone. It was supposed to be soft because it was cooked. Obviously a stone get's soft when exposed to chicken broth and carrots. I don't remember how old I was but I knew that stones don't get soft and they don't end up in white plastic cups of soup.

I remember the teacher being very disappointed that I didn't believe her. I wouldn't play her game. I cheated her out of some fun. Now I realize I cheated myself too.


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