03 September 2004

Kerry's probably screwed

I really want John Kerry to be the next President. I live in Utah so my vote doesn't count but I'll still vote for Kerry. He's probably screwed. Kerry has been doing nothing but reacting. Bush is doing what I expected, what he's done in every campaign, he's attacking Kerry's strength - service in Vietnam. This is where Bush is weak and Kerry should be strong. Yet Kerry has been able to do nothing but defend his war record. That shouldn't be happening.

Bush should be explaining why there are gaps in his record. Bush should be explaining why he claims to want government out of people's lives yet can't help meddling. Bush should be explaining why his deficit spending is necessary. Bush should be explaining but he's not. Kerry's probably screwed.

Next on the list will be Kerry's Senate record which is a weakness. People want a decisive leader but legislators aren't decisive. Legislators try to see all sides. They compromise to make deals. They vote for something distasteful in exchange for support on something they want. No legislator leaves office with a clear record. That's why Congressmen almost never get to be President while Governors cruise right in.

Kerry's service record should have been his ace. It's damaged goods now. By the time Kerry gets around to brining up Bush's lack of a service record the electorate will be tired of hearing about Vietnam. This is what happens when you pick a legislator for a candidate. Kerry's probably screwed.


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