15 September 2004

No Yoga today

After waking up this morning and weighing myself I decided to get to work early instead of going to yoga class. I've dropped three pounds in the last three days due to working so late that I couldn't eat dinner. That is way too much weight loss way too fast. Three pounds in three days is not healthy. Some of that loss is almost certainly muscle. I have put too much time money and effort into my physical health over the last year to accept this type of loss. So I decided to bag yoga in the hope that I can get enough work done to go home on time and eat dinner for once. I spent half of Sunday making chili and I haven't had one spoonful yet. Maybe tonight I will finally make a dent in something other than my belly.


Blogger nicki said...

That amount of weight loss in that short period of time is certainly unhealthy, however some people would kill to have that problem. When I stress and skip meals I gain sooooo much wieght because my metabolism slows to nil. If I lived in your side of the world I run over and cook for you, but I don't. so eating my food will just have to wait.Remember your health is more important than any amount of work.I forget this myself. I will now shut up because as usual I have just dished up one of those lectures that could only come from the mouth of someone who sounds like they're going to end up being a professional mother and pain in your ass. :)

15 September, 2004 23:08  
Blogger kevin D. white said...

Luckily I was able to get home in time to eat a proper dinner last night. Plus there's a beer festival this weekend. By Sunday I should be back on track.

16 September, 2004 07:02  

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