03 September 2004


Someone has started a petition to bring back the X-files on SciFi. Why? It was a terrible show. Really terrible. The wooden acting. The idiotic plots. Gillian Anderson was nothing more than the typical side-kick help-meat.

Does anyone really want to see the FBI running around chasing ghosts & aliens anymore?


Blogger capsandxfilesfan1242 said...

The petition to bring The X-Files back to Sci-Fi is a great idea! You obviously don't know what a quality TV show is supposed to be like. In a recent TV Guide article it ranks The X-Files at #2 for the top 25 cult TV shows of all time, and let me tell you The X-Files has a huge following. Gillian Anderson is great and her acting is fantastic. You probably haven't seen the part of the series when Mulder gets abducted or when he "dies", Scully is very emotional then, which Gillian does a great job acting. Scully was not a sidekick, but a partner, scientist, and a loyal friend. There are also X-Files references all the time like on the news, radio, TV shows, and songs. You can go to http://mywebpages.comcast.net/injoke/xfoutsid.html to see just how many references there are of The X-Files, and even that isn’t correct because there are more shows all the time that have X-Files references in them like the Navy NCIS episode “The Truth is Out There.” I don’t think that any other show has this may references because no other show is as good as The X-Files.

I'd like to hear what you favorite show is because I bet its something really stupid.

11 September, 2004 17:19  

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