16 September 2004

Photo journal: America's uninsured

BCC News online photo journal of American's that lack health insurance.

Stories like this really upset me. My degree is in Economics so I'm ignorant of the benefits of free market captialism. I'm also aware that sometimes the free market fails to allocate resources in the most productive way. I cannot agree with a system that does not provide universal healthcare. To force people to work just to stay healthy is immoral.


Blogger nicki said...

Luckily in Australia we have medicare. While sometime it doesn't work it helps provide all Australians wiht health care no matter what their socioeconomic status is. Glad to hear that you are back on track and have eaten.

16 September, 2004 19:23  
Blogger kevin D. white said...

I really am feeling better. I had two nice helpings of my chili last night. That really hit the spot. Combined with the beer festival this weekend,....

16 September, 2004 20:21  
Blogger nicki said...

Beer? Australia is the home of beer guzling. Well at least if you take Germany out of the picture. Me myself, not a beer fan. They say beer is an aquired taste. Personally speaking it is a taste I'd rather not aquire. I find most beer has an equivalent of fizzy, urine in a bottle. Not that I've ever or would ever consider tasting fizzy piss in a bottle.

17 September, 2004 04:01  
Blogger kevin D. white said...

Beer good

17 September, 2004 08:41  
Blogger nicki said...

No new news?

23 September, 2004 04:43  

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