12 September 2004

Storm moving in

I just got back from the bookstore and noticed there is a storm moving in from the West. The prevailing wind here is from the South. Only strong nasty lightning-filled storms move in from the West. It might still turn South but I doubt it. The radar track indicates I'll at least catch a piece.

Update: I'm boned. Here comes the nasty stuff. I'll be dreaming about wind tunnels and banging pots tonight.


Blogger nicki said...

That sounds rather depressing. It was quite a nice day in Melbourne. I just read your profile I like some of the same music as you and my gym recently closed down thus ending my yoga classes.

14 September, 2004 06:04  
Blogger kevin D. white said...

No Yoga class *is* depressing.

The storm ended up not being as bad as I feared. I only woke up twice to the sound of hammering rain. I could have been a lot worse. My condo is up on a hill and pretty exposed.

14 September, 2004 08:08  

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