26 September 2004

What an awful week

What an awful week this has been. I've been working every day from last Saturday to Friday. I don't think I made it home before 7:00 any night in the past week. This is all due to a set of mistakes made in August.

In August, my employer bid on a new corporate website for a client. The client had a site but wanted a new CMS that would allow for central management of all their geographic sites. They wanted it by the end of September. Without going into great depth, the project was poorly planned, scoped, and budgeted.

Mid-July saw the first crisis. The client had lost faith in the single developer we had assigned to the project. Never mind that no one had given this developer any clear definition of goals or even a simple list of items to build and tasks to accomplish. I was forced onto the project to augment the single developer. I couldn't believe how much work was left.

One developer my ass.

The two of us have worked late and long every week since mid-July. Two weeks ago we finished primary programming and moved to content development. This required even more developers and even later hours. This past week we had five people working ten hour days. Three of us didn't leave until 9:30pm Friday night.

And it's not over yet. The main US site and two of the localized sites are released for review. We'll be getting feedback in a few days. Everything has to be "perfect" by the end of the month.

I'm too old for this shit.


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