03 September 2004

What to do this weekend?

I have no plans for the glorious three day Labor-Day weekend. None at all. My family would love it if I drove down to Vegas for a visit. They want to see the new truck but I really don't want to drive six hours each way in three days. The truck will keep.

What should I do?

I can't go hiking, the weather's going to be sketchy.
I will not be playing computer games.
I could work on a personal project that's sitting for a while.
I have to build a simple tool for a friend's site so I can maintain my free all-you-can-eat yoga pass.
I need some new clothes for Fall.
I was going to get my hair cut but my hairdresser realized it was a three day weekend and took off.
I could see a movie.

I know! I go to sleep early and figure it out in the morning.


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