21 October 2004


I was really looking forward to using the DotNetNuke CMS on a future project until I noticed it's all written in VB.NET. There are a bunch of projects trying to port it over to C#.NET but all the official development is in VB.NET which is useless to me. Oh well.

Tough return

My first week back from vacation and it's like nothing has changed. There is still entirely too much work to do and no real organization. I'm already anticipating working the entire weekend because a project manager can't find his balls.

How I love this job.

16 October 2004

Back from Vacation

My week off was great. Exactly what I needed.

I spent most of the time with my family in Las Vegas. I drove down on Tuesday and drove back on Friday. It was wonderful. I really didn't do that much yet I wasn't bored. My only real accomplishment was breaking in my new pair of running shoes. I may hate Vegas but I love running in my parent's neighborhood.

There's nothing like seeing the whole valley come awake with the sunrise. Plus there's a really good coffee shop at the end of my loop. A few sweaty dollars get's me a fine cup of java after a hard run. Of course I always over do it with the running while I'm there. Normally, I only do two 5+ mile runs a week and of those is an interval session. When I'm in Vegas I run 5+ miles every day. It's that much fun. I won't be able to walk again until Monday but it was worth it.

12 October 2004

On vacation

Well, I'm on Vacation! There were a few days last week when I thought I'd have to cancel. My boss kept pressuring me to delay my vacation. It was really frustrating which is why my posting has been so spotty. I came home every day last week wondering if I had saved my vacation or not.

My boss is convinced that I am the key person. That the other programmers and project managers just can't handle things while I'm gone. I'm irreplaceable. I hate being irreplaceable. It's the worst position to be in. It's nothing but stress. The only way to prove that I am not irreplaceable is to take a vacation. Of course even the smallest fuck-up while I'm gone will prove that I'm irreplaceable.

About three months ago, this co-worker was given too much responsibility on a project. The client complained and the project almost tanked. My direct involvement saved the project. That's how I became irreplaceable. This co-worker bares some of the responsibility. He shouldn't have accepted a role he knew he couldn't fill. But he does it because he thinks it will please the boss. But it never does. This guy constantly allows people to put him in bad situations and then complains. It never occurs to him to not allow people to put him in unwinnable situations. Now no one trusts this programmer to work on his own. I not just a programmer. I'm not just a leader. I'm a grown man's babysitter.

Friday, I sat this co-worker down and laid it all out for him. Our boss has never been as direct with this guy as I was on Friday. I explained the whole situation. I explained that no one but me thought he could be trusted on his own. I made it clear that my vacation was his chance to prove everyone wrong. I really hope he listened.

03 October 2004

Kerry's probably screwed - The debate

Thanks to the BBC's live webcast I was able to watch the first US Presidential debate Thursday night. I was impressed by Kerry. I thought for sure Kerry was going to duff it. I would have lost that bet. My man John was impressive. Both erudite and clear - an incredibly difficult combination to achieve. Kerry showed people that he can be clear and decisive when he wants to be. If he campaigns like that over the next few weeks then I think Bush will be toast. That would make me very happy.

02 October 2004

The torture is on vacation

This past week has just as ridiculous as the week before. But it may finally be over. At least for a while. The hated project finished last night. There was a possibly I would be called in today but it looks like I'm in the clear. I've got just one more week till I go on vacation for a whole week. A whole week of nothing. I have no idea what I'll do and I don't care.