16 October 2004

Back from Vacation

My week off was great. Exactly what I needed.

I spent most of the time with my family in Las Vegas. I drove down on Tuesday and drove back on Friday. It was wonderful. I really didn't do that much yet I wasn't bored. My only real accomplishment was breaking in my new pair of running shoes. I may hate Vegas but I love running in my parent's neighborhood.

There's nothing like seeing the whole valley come awake with the sunrise. Plus there's a really good coffee shop at the end of my loop. A few sweaty dollars get's me a fine cup of java after a hard run. Of course I always over do it with the running while I'm there. Normally, I only do two 5+ mile runs a week and of those is an interval session. When I'm in Vegas I run 5+ miles every day. It's that much fun. I won't be able to walk again until Monday but it was worth it.


Blogger nicki said...

Sounds like you had fun. How was the whole family experience? Fights? Gossip? Well you are still doing better than me. I am so unfit I'd be lucky if I could run 100 meteres without dying.

16 October, 2004 22:57  

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