03 October 2004

Kerry's probably screwed - The debate

Thanks to the BBC's live webcast I was able to watch the first US Presidential debate Thursday night. I was impressed by Kerry. I thought for sure Kerry was going to duff it. I would have lost that bet. My man John was impressive. Both erudite and clear - an incredibly difficult combination to achieve. Kerry showed people that he can be clear and decisive when he wants to be. If he campaigns like that over the next few weeks then I think Bush will be toast. That would make me very happy.


Blogger nicki said...

Damn I hate politics.We had our election yesterday and now Howard is back in power. Grrrrrrrrrr

09 October, 2004 21:55  
Blogger kevin D. white said...

I saw that Howard got re-elected. The race was very close. Almost a mirror of what people expect here.

12 October, 2004 11:25  

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