12 October 2004

On vacation

Well, I'm on Vacation! There were a few days last week when I thought I'd have to cancel. My boss kept pressuring me to delay my vacation. It was really frustrating which is why my posting has been so spotty. I came home every day last week wondering if I had saved my vacation or not.

My boss is convinced that I am the key person. That the other programmers and project managers just can't handle things while I'm gone. I'm irreplaceable. I hate being irreplaceable. It's the worst position to be in. It's nothing but stress. The only way to prove that I am not irreplaceable is to take a vacation. Of course even the smallest fuck-up while I'm gone will prove that I'm irreplaceable.

About three months ago, this co-worker was given too much responsibility on a project. The client complained and the project almost tanked. My direct involvement saved the project. That's how I became irreplaceable. This co-worker bares some of the responsibility. He shouldn't have accepted a role he knew he couldn't fill. But he does it because he thinks it will please the boss. But it never does. This guy constantly allows people to put him in bad situations and then complains. It never occurs to him to not allow people to put him in unwinnable situations. Now no one trusts this programmer to work on his own. I not just a programmer. I'm not just a leader. I'm a grown man's babysitter.

Friday, I sat this co-worker down and laid it all out for him. Our boss has never been as direct with this guy as I was on Friday. I explained the whole situation. I explained that no one but me thought he could be trusted on his own. I made it clear that my vacation was his chance to prove everyone wrong. I really hope he listened.


Blogger nicki said...

Yeah work always bites. The co-worker while he might not know it yet is lucky to be given a chance such as this to prove himself, and take some of the stress off you. Well I was in the best mood when my boss called me yesterday to apologise perfusely for my pay being a month late. He also said that I was the most depemdable and efficient staff member he has. YaY! brownie points. :) Nice to hear from you. It's been a while. Lol

13 October, 2004 06:55  
Blogger kevin D. white said...

A *month* late? You're a lot more tolerant than I.

14 October, 2004 12:53  
Blogger nicki said...

PS I just realised the typo's in my previous comment. I am actually literate despite how I may have come across.

15 October, 2004 05:54  
Blogger nicki said...

Hey where you gone? Hope your week is going well. :) lol Nicki

16 October, 2004 02:25  

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