02 October 2004

The torture is on vacation

This past week has just as ridiculous as the week before. But it may finally be over. At least for a while. The hated project finished last night. There was a possibly I would be called in today but it looks like I'm in the clear. I've got just one more week till I go on vacation for a whole week. A whole week of nothing. I have no idea what I'll do and I don't care.


Blogger nicki said...

Hey Hun,
Welcome back! Here is my list of ideas of what to do.
1. Dress up as a chimpanze and sing songs from singing in the rain.
2. Frolock naked through feilds of wheat.
3. Join a cult.
4. Eat much, much chocolate.
5. Get married, then get it enulled the next day.
Most of all have fun doing it:).
Only joking. Hey you're lucky. I had one week of hoildays which is just about over and it was more stressful than going to uni, or work or having any form of torture.

02 October, 2004 22:30  
Blogger kevin D. white said...

I know I'll have to spend at least some time with the family down in Vegas. But that's hardly torture. I'm really looking forward to taking the new car on a first roadtrip. Beyond that I have zero plans and I want to keep it that way.

03 October, 2004 12:43  

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