19 December 2004

And the fun never stops

There I was desperately driving around the city in an attempt to get everything ready for the evening. I had to
  • get the truck washed

  • deliver a care package to a co-worker & his family

  • buy presents

  • retrieve my pants from the tailor

  • get my haircut
Lot's to do and not much time.

11:54 AM Gynelle calls. I'm driving around trying to remember where my co-worker lives when she calls. She says she's "stressed out". I not sure what's coming but I know it can't be good so I pull over to the side of the road. It doesn't take long for me to figure out which way the conversation is heading. After a few minutes of Gynelle trying to explain without actually saying anything I cut her off and tell her I'm coming over. No way am I letting her do this over a phone. Less than five mintues later I'm knocking on Gynelle's door.

She's made a mistake. She's scared and not ready to start dating again. Her divorce isn't even final yet. That's news to me. She want's to back-off for a while. Things are moving too fast... She looked really stressed. I believe her. I told her I understood her need even if I couldn't fully understand her feelings. I admited I was disappointed and upset but respected her decision. Then I walked out and got on with my errands.

Here's what I didn't say - what I still need to say.

I'm not going to push. I'm not going to pine. I want you to make a decision. I hope you make it in my favor. I hope you make it in time. You let me know when you want to see me again and I'll try to be there.

That's really all I can do.


Blogger Shane said...

Fuck you creep.

28 December, 2004 19:13  
Blogger kevin D. white said...

Okay then

28 December, 2004 19:19  

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