28 December 2004

Damnit - I almost forgot

Gynelle & I talked while I was driving down to Vegas on Thursday. I apoligized for not being more concerned about how her divorce was affecting her. I admited that I was worried she was not ready to start dating but I didn't want to ask. I felt awkard asking about it - no one really wants to hear about the ex and I was afraid of the answer. She thanked me but still really wanted to take all the blame.

I realized something at that moment. We both wanted to take part of the blame because neither one wanted to feel helpless. If it's all Gynelle's fault then there's nothing for me to do. But if even part of the blame is mine then I'm not helpless. I can at least fix that part. I can do something. I think she feels a bit the same.

Oh well - we're going snowshoeing just as soon as I can arrange it. Gynelle's idea. We can be friends even if we can't be lovers. We kinda skipped that part the first time.


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