30 January 2005

Don't over eat

I like spicy food. Really spicy. I'm a Tobasco on everything guy.

The whole thing takes about an hour to make.Yesterday I decide to make a really spciy rice dish for dinner during the week. Rather than just use red pepper flakes I decided to use the jar of whole pickled habanero peppers that had be taunting me from iside the fridge. The rest of the dish includes a pound of ground turkey, about two pounds of mixed frozen vegtables, brown rice, wild rice, and vegtable broth in place of water. After an hour I have a wonderful rice caserole that will last a week, is very filling, and normally very good for me. Once the dish was finished cooking I immediately scooped out a small bowl to taste. It was really good. Possibly my best effort with this recipie. Very hot and very spicy but great. So good I had a second bowl. That's where I went wrong. I forgot habanero peppers are really edible landmines.

Two hours after the second bowl I'm not feeling so good. Fifteen minutes later I'm hunched over the freshly cleaned toilet bowl staring at my reflection in blue water. After a couple of dry heaves I start to feel my temperature rise. Remember cartoons where a character eats something hot and you see the heat rise like a thermometer? I thought that was joke. Nope.

First my arms got weak. Then I started to feel heat in my abdomen. The heat quicly rose from my abdomen to the top of my head. It was like a feaver breaking. I was sweating and I was shivering. My whole upper body was pink like I has just gotten out of a shower.

I swear I'll only eat one bowl next time.

17 January 2005

Need a new cellphone

I really need a new cellphone. Or at least I really want a new cellphone. But I can't find one that fits my requirements:
  • Must not look like a dork when holding it up to my ear
  • Internal antenna - no crotch pokers please
  • Must not produce an obscene buldge in my pants
  • Decent camera - 640 x 480 at least
  • Full PDA capabilities
  • Mobipocket support - I like to read books on the train
  • Personal Finance app that sync's with MS Money
  • Bluetooth
  • SD or MMC memory slot - I've a bunch of these cards lying around
  • 12bit or better color screen
It's the first two that are the real killers. If not for the antenna I'd run out and get a Treo 650. For those of you who are thinking "headset", stop thinking. Headsets are for dorks. There isn't a single headset out there that doesn't look like a mistake. Headsets are to worn but not seen.

I've thought seriously about the Motorolla mpx220. The antenna is external but it's horizontal not vertical. I'm not quite convinced that I'd be satisfied with PDA capabilities without a full keyboard.

09 January 2005

Official Rules Of The Gym

I really couldn't have said it better myself. #9 is one I'd like imprinted on a bat so I could smack people with it.

"While someone is concentrating on working out, don't go bugging them." Or I'll be really tempted to get off my treadmill and smack the shit out you.

Unusual Activity

I go through periods of strange inactivity where I really don't get anything done outside of work. The periods aren't depressive just aimless. With no pressure to accomplish something I do nothing. I rush home from work only to spend time doing absolutely nothing. Strange.

One of two things will eventually happen. I either get sick of doing nothing or an event will occur that I cannot ignore. Then suddenly I'm accomplishing tasks and setting goals. Suddenly I'm productive away from the office.

I'm organized again.

06 January 2005

Stone blames 'moral fundamentalism' for US box office flop

I've got a little inside knowledge on Oliver Stone. Oliver & I attended the same prepschool. I was there when he came to visit right before the opening of The Doors. There was a huge crowd. Our sister school in New England brought down their entire student body. I'll never forget that night. Oliver Stone is a dick who blames everyone else for his failures. I mean everyone else. He was also insanely arrogant and rude.

I particularly remember a girl from Indonesia trying to ask a question. Her command of English was not perfect nor was her voice very loud. Other students attempted to relay her question but were cut off by Mr. Stone. Rather than be patient he told her to sit down and moved on to another student. That's the great Oliver Stone.

The next day Oliver participated in several more intimate Q&A sessions with students. The man would not shut up about how everyone in Hollywood but him his crazy. Everyone else is hiding something. Everyone else is phobic or emotionally unbalanced or downright crazy.

The guy was a dick then and he's a dick now.

03 January 2005

New Years Charliehorse

News Years weekend was very crowded. Thursday prior I received a call from my friend Charlie who I've known for three years. Charlie is the very definition of "a handfull" at the best of times. Charlie has finally taken my advice and decided to leave Utah. I suspect this is the first time Charlie has taken anyone's advice. She's decided to transfer to Duke University and go for a Masters. Good for Charlie.

Bad for me. Or at least very exhausting and very nearly permanently crippling for me. One of Charlie's favorite games is "keep Kevin awake." I lasted from Friday 9:00 PM to Saturday 2:00 AM. A post-collegiate record for me.

Good Luck Charlie and stop calling me after 9:00 PM.

Today's workout

Time: 1:10:03
Distance: 7.75 miles
HRavg: 146
HRmax: 184
Recovery: 53


I haven't posted my workouts in a while though I have been faithfully recording them. It's amazing how much I've changed in a year and a half. 155 to 120 lbs. When I started working with my trainer Jess I couldn't even run a full mile without puffing. Now I can run seven in an hour. I can bench more than I weigh. I can even do dumbell presses with 45lbs. on each arm. Of course no one makes XS shirts and 28" waist pants are hardly easy to find.

02 January 2005

iTunes bad taste

I have to admit I'm a bit surprised at the top 100 list of songs and albums on iTunes. It looks like the Internet is pervasive enough that everyone with seriously bad musical taste is online. Yuck.