17 January 2005

Need a new cellphone

I really need a new cellphone. Or at least I really want a new cellphone. But I can't find one that fits my requirements:
  • Must not look like a dork when holding it up to my ear
  • Internal antenna - no crotch pokers please
  • Must not produce an obscene buldge in my pants
  • Decent camera - 640 x 480 at least
  • Full PDA capabilities
  • Mobipocket support - I like to read books on the train
  • Personal Finance app that sync's with MS Money
  • Bluetooth
  • SD or MMC memory slot - I've a bunch of these cards lying around
  • 12bit or better color screen
It's the first two that are the real killers. If not for the antenna I'd run out and get a Treo 650. For those of you who are thinking "headset", stop thinking. Headsets are for dorks. There isn't a single headset out there that doesn't look like a mistake. Headsets are to worn but not seen.

I've thought seriously about the Motorolla mpx220. The antenna is external but it's horizontal not vertical. I'm not quite convinced that I'd be satisfied with PDA capabilities without a full keyboard.


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