06 January 2005

Stone blames 'moral fundamentalism' for US box office flop

I've got a little inside knowledge on Oliver Stone. Oliver & I attended the same prepschool. I was there when he came to visit right before the opening of The Doors. There was a huge crowd. Our sister school in New England brought down their entire student body. I'll never forget that night. Oliver Stone is a dick who blames everyone else for his failures. I mean everyone else. He was also insanely arrogant and rude.

I particularly remember a girl from Indonesia trying to ask a question. Her command of English was not perfect nor was her voice very loud. Other students attempted to relay her question but were cut off by Mr. Stone. Rather than be patient he told her to sit down and moved on to another student. That's the great Oliver Stone.

The next day Oliver participated in several more intimate Q&A sessions with students. The man would not shut up about how everyone in Hollywood but him his crazy. Everyone else is hiding something. Everyone else is phobic or emotionally unbalanced or downright crazy.

The guy was a dick then and he's a dick now.


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