05 June 2005


Today I started learning the new ASP.NET pramming model in earnest. My first impressions are good overall. I like the simplified project file model that does not require every file in a website to be registered with the project file. In my group we've seen more than one crazy merge on project file changes. One of the things I totally utterly disagree with, however, is the "simplified code-behind model" using implictly defined control object references. How that encourages seperation of code from display is beyond me. The new simplified model requires the code-behind editor to know about every control defined in the ASPX page. That's idiotic and hardly improved seperation. In 1.1 I had to declare a private field reference to every server object I wanted to manipulate. The advatage to this is that I can write an manipulate control references that don't yet exist in the ASPX. That allowed the code-behind editor and the ASPX editor to develop in parallel. Now the code-behind editor has to wait for the ASPX editor to add a control. That's not faster or simpler. It's downright stupid and a great example of tight coupling, a.k.a., bad nasty programming.


Blogger scarysushi said...

You must work in a strange environment! "ASPX editors" as you termed it are simply about markup..they don't care about code. If a designer gives me markup that is clean, I am happy. I am glad I don't have to deal with base and derived classes anymore. One class is enough for the UI! If I want loosley coupled code, I look to do that in my business layer objects! If you are shooting for loosely coupled code, I think you are possibly putting too much code in code behind.

12 September, 2005 19:35  

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