10 June 2005

Kim's Videos busted for bootlegs

According to a BoingBoing reader Kim's Videos in the East Village should be allowed to carry bootlegs as compensation for promoting lesser-known acts...

Kim's Videos, one of the few remaining landmark music stores of the East Village on St. Mark's Place, just got raided for bootlegs. That they have bootlegs is not news; anyone could see that they've had them for years. But they are also destination shopping for a whole lot of official product,...

Why should I feel anything but happy about this? I've heard all the rhetoric about how the MPAA is evil. The MPAA prosecutes obviously innocent people. The music industry doesn't pay artists a fair cut of the profits. I've heard it all and agree with pretty much every complaint against the MPAA and music studios. The only time I agree with these corporate monsters is when they target actual violators. Here's a question for everyone that thinks artists get screwed by the industry. How much does an artist earn from the sale of a bootleg? Nothing. Not a dime.

Obviously bootlegs are good. We should bootleg every artist we can and sell the bootlegs. That way artists won't get screwed by the MAN anymore. I love this logic. I want to break the law too. I want to fill my kitchen with stolen goods but I promise to tutor the homeless for free. Anyone that arrests me from now on is just a money-grubbing ogre with no sympathy for the homeless or fine kitchenware.


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