28 June 2006

[ASP.NET 1.x] Storing ViewState in Session State

Help.Net wants to know if storing the ASP.NET ViewState in memory is scalable...


It's really unfortunate that MSDN Magazine published this method. It's an insanely bad idea to store ViewState contents in memory. In-memory Session objects are subject to timeout and memory pressures. This means that you cannot rely on in-memory Session as a container for critical data. It's also why .NET 2.0 provides two other providers for Session storage, file and SQL. If you're now thinking it would be really smart to store ViewState in Session and Session in SQL. Well then you haven't thought things through. This method would result in the data being serialized/deserialized twice. Not very smart.

If your ViewState is so freaking huge that you are looking for better places to store it then your problem is poor application design. If you really cannot trim the size of your ViewState then write a filesystem or SQL provider for ViewState storage. That way at least your still only serializing the data once.

22 June 2006

ADO.NET LINQ rebranding

This is getting old. First some smart guy decides to rename the WinFX trifecta as .NET 3.0. Now all the subsets of LINQ are getting rebranded as well. Someone inside Microsoft Marketing needs to get slapped. It's one thing when a product is rebranded after living under an obvious code name like Longhorn or Orcas. But when a name like WinFX is used repeatedly for a year, trademarked, and copyrighted then it should stay.

19 June 2006

Designer Bluetooth: Jabra JX10

"...and after all, if you're going to be wearing something all the time you want it to be great-looking."
I wish companies like Jabra & Plantronics would get one simple fact through their designer's heads. Headgear is for dorks. I don't want great looking headgear. I want headgear that is utterly invisible. Feh.

06 June 2006

Let's improve the BizTalk Server documentation!

"The feedbacks are reviewed promptly, and then the BizTalk Server UE team will response them within 24 hours (usually sooner).
If you have any problems or feedbacks, please don’t hesitate to send them so that you will get the right documentation that you want to see. "
Funny. Until now I've been trying to figure out a way to eliminate that stupid "Documentation Feedback" panel at the bottom of every topic in the BizTalk help files.

BizTalk Server 2006 R2

There were rumors of a possible BizTalk Server 2006 R2 release. It looks like the rumors were correct. It also looks like one of the major changes is full integration of the WinFx triad. This is excellent news. I'm currently debating whether to use or bounce BizTalk 2006 from my project because of the overlap with Windows Workflow Foundation and the lack of a good adapter for Windows Communication Foundation.

05 June 2006

Using DLINQ with ASP.NET (Part 2 of my LINQ series)

ScottGu has just posted Part 2 of his series on Language Integrated Query (LINQ). If you're a .NET developer and haven't played with or heard about LINQ yet then now is an excellent time to catch up. The rumor is that Microsoft will be releasing a new version with a Go-Live license this summer. You know what that means. If you're building packaged .NET software this is going to be one crazy summer.

I know a lot of developers that are blowing off looking at LINQ until it's gold. That's a huge mistake. LINQ represents a major shift for C#. There's a lot more to LINQ than just an expression syntax for SQL and XML. There's dynamic typing and anonymous variables. This is really another step toward Declaritive Programming. You really don't want to miss out on this.

The Art of Project Management

I could not agree more with Edgar's characterization of Scott Berkun's "The Art of Project Management". It's a phenominal book. I wish more of my coworkers would read it.

Microsoft Does NOT get RSS

The MSDN Blogs Main Feed is an invaluable resource for me. The daily blog posts from all around Microsoft & the related developer community are critical to my continuing education as an architect and developer. It's such a shame then that Microsoft cannot seem to keep the feed valid. Today, for example, nearly every post is unreadable in Google Reader due to markup bleeding to the screen. Every post is just one long string with a mixture of markup & text.

Visual Studio Team Suite Trial VPC available to MSDN Subscribers

Visual Studio Team Suite Trial VPC available to MSDN Subscribers: "For those of you who've been aching to try out the new Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite and Team Foundation Server, but didn't want to spend time setting up the entire environment, MSDN subscribers can now get a Virtual PC image containing Visual Studio Team Suite and Team Foundation Server.

Now all you need to do is download the two parts, extract the image, and run it in Virtual PC. The VPC image includes a demo project to get you started with your evaluation."
Interesting. I'm sure this will help some people a little bit with their evaluation. Personally, I don't find Team Suite a compelling option. In order for Team Suite to really work you have to buy into everything about it and I don't. I think the SCM is still junk and the Unit Testing is just embarrassing. I do use MSBuild seperately but that's really a seperate discussion.

04 June 2006

websites as graphs

This wacky cool visual sitemapping tool has been making the blog rounds for the last week. It amazes me that no one remembers a now discontinued free tool called Astra SiteManager from Mercury. Unless my memory is faulty this online tool that everyone has been praising is a direct rip-off of Astra SiteManager.

Download of the Day: The Free iPod Book 2.0

iLounge has released 2.0 of their essential iPod book.

Verizon Motorola Q Update - bad news for me

In the initial release of the Motorola Q by Verizon Wireless, there won’t be any ability to tether my laptop to the Q and use it as a gateway to the Verizon EVDO network. Not only that, the Q will not have a Bluetooth dialup networking (DUN) modem profile.

I guess it will be a cold day in Hell before phone companies realize pissing off their customers is bad for business.

Brian Walker to fly rocket-propelled craft launched with world's largest crossbow