18 July 2006

Microsoft's Documentation is Borked

I would like to thank Microsoft for once again completely fucking up my Visual Studio Combined Help Collection. Thanks for nothing asshole. I now get to spend half my day repairing installations of MSDN and experimenting with different combinations of collections. My help collection list now has three listings for Windows SDK and two for .NET Framework 3.0. These are not erroneous listings. This means I actually have 3 versions of the former and 2 versions of the latter documentation installed on my computer. Since Microsoft can't be bothered to display so much as a date and time of installation I have to waste time experimenting and risk completely horking my collection.

If this were just a problem related to installing lots of CTP and beta releases I wouldn't be nearly as angry. Duplicate documentation has been a problem with Microsoft's Combined Help for a very long time. I'm also not the only person that is tired of this shit. I'm not sure if the people in charge of the Combined Help Collection are powerless or apathetic. I know one thing, they've just made me into one highly motivated pain-in-the-ass.


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