18 July 2006

.NET 3.0 July CTP is a waste of breath

If you are a developer, don't waste your time downloading the July CTP of Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.0. It is only compatible with the latest RC4 Worflow Foundation. There is not and will never be a compatible release of the Visual Studio toolset for the July CTP. The next compatible version of Orcas awaits RC1 of .NET 3.0. When will that arrive? Who can say?

Notice of this incompatibility is nicely buried inside the Overview section of the updated June Orcas release:
IMPORTANT: Visual Studio 2005 Development Tools support is not available for the .NET Framework 3.0’s July CTP release. This June CTP Refresh is the most up-to-date release of the Development Tools for .NET Framework 3.0. Support will continue with the upcoming RC1 release of the .NET Framework 3.0
This refresh to the previously published June CTP bits contains some important fixes for Windows Communication Foundation uses. If WCF scenarios are important to you then you may wish to uninstall your existing June CTP and then install this new version of the June CTP. If you have not yet installed the June CTP of the Development Tools then you can simply download and install this version.
This is a nice trick. If you want the latest version of the Workflow Foundation tools you have to install the July CTP. But if you also need to develop for WPF or WCF then you are screwed.

After much searching. I found a tiny little para on Channel9 about why the July CTP for .NET was released.

Will a Visual Studio Code Name 'Orcas' July CTP be released to match the .Net Framework 3.0 July CTP?

  • There will be NO VS Code Name ‘Orcas’ July CTP. The .Net Framework 3.0 July CTP is primarily targeted at enabling some new scenarios for Windows CardSpace customers. So we (Cider Team) decided to continue to work with the WPF team here at Microsoft to focus on features that will appear in future CTPs. The combination of updates to both WPF and Cider in future CTPs will provide much more value for Cider customers to upgrade, so we will continue to focus our efforts there.


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