20 July 2006

Stem cells: Bush's shameful first veto?

Scott Rosenberg at Salon needs to rethink his morals. Mr. Rosenberg has brought forth the argument that Mr. Bush is a morally inconsistent for allowing fertility clinics to produce embryos while disallowing their use for research. Mr. Rosenberg is wrong. Bush's actions are consistent with his stated morals. Mr. Rosenberg contends that since President Bush cannot stop all forms destruction his attempts to stop some is hypocritical. It is in fact Mr. Rosenberg who takes a morally inconsistent and indefensible position.

I'd like you all to note at this point that I am strongly in favor of embryonic stem cell research. I have and will continue to express my support through my words, actions, and monetary contributions. I do not agree with Mr. Bush's position. But at least I am able to recognize that President Bush has in this case constantly applied his stated morality.


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