12 July 2006

U.K. To Outlaw Standby Buttons On Electronics

Banning the standby mode is not a smart move. This completely ignores why the mode was created in the first place. There are plenty of instances where in the abscence of a standby mode people will opt to leave a device fully powered. Thee are better solutions.
  • Help manufacturers reduce power consumption in standby mode
  • Perhaps standby mode could be supported by a battery that is charged while the device is in use
My biggest power hog is my computer & would love to put it into standby but I can't. Why not? My computer is configured to perform numerous automated maintenance operations during non-work hours. My computer must stay fully powered cecuase there is no way to set these operations to power up and down the system on a schedule. Such a capability would be a HUGE power saver.


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